Coming together for a meal is one of the most primitive and bonding activities we do as humans. But there is a disconnect between what is served on our plate, how it got there and how we relate to it. 

Our mission is to teach people how to eat mindfully, nutritiously and the story behind their food.

This conscious evening not just a dinner.

It is an impactful experience, created by Crystal Lee and Chef Lena Elkousy.

You will start to learn how to get in touch  with your senses and into your body through a brief embodiment meditation, and why conscious eating is so important for your health.

You will start to reconnect to Mother Earth and learn why eating locally and carefully is so important.

Most dinners feature a biodynamic wine talk and course pairing, as well as an extra virgin olive oil tasting.

We partner with a different local food company for each dinner and their unique offering and a friend from their organization to teach us about their practices.

At the end of the evening you will receive a carefully curated gift bag to take the experience home with you.

  1. Connect our society to the manufacturing and agricultural process
  2. Eat thoughtfully, mindfully and consciously
  3. Ask questions about where your food comes from, who is involved in producing it, preparing it, and how it gets to you